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At Mat-Woman we specialize in promoting luxury brands in Spanish airports. Our professionalism and hard work over these years has led us to work with the best international brands and to consolidate our company through transmitting our values in each service. We currently manage more than 1,000 promotions each year for more than 30 different brands.

We have progressively accumulated highly qualified managers whom we have selected not only for their CV, but for their talent for managing teams and planning successful strategies. The entire Mat-Woman team stands out for its high capacity for work and its great human value, two characteristics that we put at the service of our clients and promoters in everything we do.

… we work with talent and we empower it

We have created our own very specific methodology for the selection processes of the best promoters so that each professional can develop their own talent.

…we look for people who make an impact

To ensure success, we continually train our team to develop their own natural talent.

…we establish a close relationship with clients to achieve the best results.

We devise an action plan with the client. This allows us to always keep the client updated about the status of the service and anticipate any situation by reacting quickly and clearly.

…we are fast, efficient and decisive

Our way of working is specifically designed to achieve the service objective requested by the client, coordinating all resources and reacting quickly to any change.

…we anticipate problems

We are the eyes of the client in each promotion. Our supervisors are constantly at the point of sale to support promoters and get the best out of them, as well as detecting details to improve.


Agueda Sanchiz

CEO & General Director

Alejandra Catón

Manager & Commercial Director

Sergio Fernández

Financial director

Vanessa Castel

Recruiter & Madrid Field Supervisor

Daniel Schaefer

EMEA Trainer & Madrid Field Supervisor

Eva García

Spain Beauty Field Supervisor

Rossana Peris

Recruiter & HR Manager


We personalize each event in a unique way

At Mat-Woman we specialize in promoting high-end Food, Beverage, Perfumery, Cosmetics and Accessories using our highly qualified personnel such as Brand Ambassadors, make-up artists, sommeliers, sales promoters, team coordinators… We work for the best international brands and with the most qualified promoters since 1996.

We take care of the design, planning, organization and execution of promotions with support POP displays (stand, podium, banners, tasting table, pop-up).

Through events created specifically for each brand, we manage to impact passengers quickly and clearly. The animation with professional actors and dancers makes shopping an unforgettable experience.


More and more brands are looking for VIP passengers to present and launch their luxury products to. Mat-Woman manages the promotion and seeks strategies so that the presentation of the product is not limited to that, but also increases sales in parallel.


We provide the image and professionalism of our promoters as ambassadors for your brand. They will attract the attention of the potential buyer and turn their visit into a unique experience. The advice to the client is always carried out with the client’s standards and recommendations.

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We give support to the Travel Retail account Managers helping them develop a business plan