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Aeropuerto: Aeropuerto de Madrid Airport

  • Chanel


    During the last days and the first days of the year we successfully covered the sensory and interactive space dedicated to Chanel’s Christmas campaign, an exhibition of its range of fragrances, Skin Care and Make-up full of experiences and fun. Wonderful classic No. 5, Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite number, who presented her fashion collections on the…

  • Guerlain


    In the busiest season at the airport, our clients know that they can count on the best support. Our Beauty Advisors advise customers on their purchases with professionalism and in-depth knowledge. In this case, discovering Guerlain’s creations, Aqua Allegoria, aromas that reflect the personality of whoever wears them.

  • Citroën


    We have presented the new Citroen C5X model, the French brand’s hybrid sedan, which uses the best technology to make our lives easier. It is a car that you will be able to see, in which you will be able to ride and about which you will have all the information if you ask our…

  • 5J


    5J’s select products could not be better represented. Our expert promoters at the Madrid airport express the luxury that is felt on the palate when trying this exquisite delicacy.

  • Coty


    We ended the year with an incredible multi-brand action focused on giving the visitors the chance to discover the fragrances of the Coty group and encouraging their participation in its interactive space. Classic fragrances such as Marc Jacobs or Burberry coexisted in the space with newer ones from Chloé or Gucci or the latest release…